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Updated: Konami Promise to Clarify on Kojima Fallout

Update: Fucito was asked to remove his original tweet and has since replaced it with this one;

thabtoUK hey, Konami kindly request to delete it, don’t know why exactly. Anyway the content was true :)

— Antonio Fucito ⎋ (@Tanzen) May 15, 2015

Antonio Fucito, from the Italian site, has revealed on Twitter during the Metal Gear Solid V preview event, that Konami are planning to clarify the details of the Kojima fallout in the coming months.

Riguardo Kojima, Konami ha risposto che farà chiarezza prossimamente. Nel gioco comunque è presente ovunque, dai titoli ai poster!

— Antonio Fucito ⎋ (@Tanzen) May 14, 2015

About Kojima, Konami said that will be clarified soon. In the game, however, [Kojima] is present everywhere!

Fucito also tweeted a load of details about the game itself, which you can read over at Dualshockers.

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