Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Announced

Capcom today announced Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, an updated version of the 2016 release for the PS4 and PCs. The new version of the game will release on January 16, 2018.

The Arcade Edition will include everything from the original release of Street Fighter V, along with the addition of brand new gameplay-related content including Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, new V-Trigger moves, Gallery, a completely redesigned User Interface and the Season 1 and 2 characters.

Current Street Fighter V players will also receive all of this new content (except for the characters) for free via an in-game update when Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition releases.

The Arcade mode promises to allow players to have a traditional arcade experience found in other fighting games.


Hot take:

The re-release is a great way for Capcom to sell more copies of Street Fighter V, especially with the recent poor sales of Marvel v Capcom: Infinite and the addition of the long awaited arcade mode is a bonus for all players. The new additions are unlikely to sway the more hardcore market, who are more unhappy with mechanics of the game itself.

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