Site Policy

News Policy

  • News articles will present the facts and nothing more.
  • Opinion pieces will be marked as such.
  • News will not be subject to writer bias.
  • We will never make up a news story, not even for April Fools.

Review Policy

  • Our reviews are never be paid for by either a Publisher, Developer or other third-party source.
  • Our reviews are never swayed by on-site advertising. Ads appear on Ask Your Mum Gaming to keep the site alive and for no other reason.
  • Games with extensive online gameplay will have reviews posted after release. There will be a “first thoughts” article where appropriate.
  • Games must be played for at least 12 hours or until the story ends, whichever comes first, before a review can take place. This allows all or a vast majority of the games features to be displayed.
  •  All games reviewed will be retail versions of the game. Games that are either earlier in development or demo’s will be marked as a preview.
  • We will never update a review score for a game.
  • We will never inflate or deflate a review to gain attention.

Review Scores

Here’s how our current score system works:

  • All scores are out of 10.
  • Scores go up in increments of 0.5 (because scores like 7.9/7.4/5.2 aren’t useful to anyone).
  • All scores are accompanied by a “Pros” and “Cons” summary, which will always have a combined total of 6.
  • All scores are non-reflective of other titles and each game is judged as it’s own entity.
  • Scores are never updated.

Monetization Policy

Ask Your Mum Gaming operates as a non-profit organisation. To pay for server costs, two monetization techniques are in place.

We will aim to keep adverts relevant and ensure that they are not intrusive to your experience on the site. All monies generated will go back into the website to ensure the coverage of maintenance costs. If our monetization policy changes, we will make it clear as a post on the website.