Report: SNES Mini Coming This Christmas

Hot on the heels of the discontinuation of the NES Mini, Eurogamer reports that Nintendo is developing the SNES Mini.

The pint-sized SNES console is intended to be a replacement for the NES Mini and will be sold as a novelty item. This is believed to be why the NES Mini did not get a renewal despite demand.

If the rumours are true, it’s likely that the product’s novelty status will mean that stock levels of a SNES Mini will be as poor as the former micro-console. It’s also likely that this an announcement Nintendo was saving for this years E3.

It’s worth noting however, that Eurogamer’s Nintendo sources have been incorrect in the past. The publication found itself in the middle of the “Zelda not at Switch launch” rumours, which turned out to be incorrect. The publication also rumoured that a Mario game would be at launch, which also didn’t occur.

Source (via Eurogamer)

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