Preview: Project CARS

Project CARS is a game I’ve had my eyes on for a while now, especially as I’m lacking racing simulation games in my library. Recently we got chance to sit down with a PC build of the game from late 2014 and to say my hype was well-placed would be an understatement. The first thing you’ll […]

Video Compares Metroid Prime Trilogy Loading Times

Not only is the re-release of Metroid Prime Trilogy an absolute steal at the moment, at just £8.99, it’s also heavily improved with it’s waiting times as well. The video below by Uchiha Madao shows a comparison between the disc version and the eShop version on a SSD.

Telltale Games and the New Golden Standard for Storytelling

Before the announcement that a heavily narrative focussed Walking Dead video game was announced in 2012, Telltale games was a development studio that not particularly well known. Despite putting out other similar properties with Back to the Future: The Game and Jurassic Park: The Game, the products were largely met with a very mixed and ultimately tepid response […]

Ask Your Mum Asks: Reggie Fils-Aime about Profit, Amiibo, New Hardware and More!

Interview via Re/code: Nintendo surprised a lot of people with its latest quarter’s operating profit. Who are Nintendo’s customers right now? Who’s behind that profit? Reggie Fils-Aime: We are fortunate that on both our handheld business and our home-console business, we speak to a very wide group of consumers: From children having their first gaming […]

Review: Bayonetta 2

Looking back at 2010, if you’d have asked me, and probably many others, what the best game that year was, I’d have said Bayonetta. It was a breath of fresh air and the Xbox 360 version was treated to glowing reviews across the board. It sold just over 2 million copies on both platforms it was […]

A Quick Look at Hover: Revolt of Gamers

Usually when you see the word Kickstarter from an unknown developer, alarm bells start ringing, considering the spat of Kickstarter disasters during 2013 and the beginning of this year. Like Comcept’s Kickstarter project, Mighty Number 9 before this, Hover: Revolt of Gamers appears to be one of the rare projects that might actually transpire into an actual game. 3 […]