Nintendo Switch Hits 2.4 Million Global Sales

Research firm, SuperData, has revealed this week that the global sales numbers for the Nintendo Switch have 2.4 million. This is above Nintendo’s estimated sales for March, which stood at 2 million units.

SuperData has also raised it’s initial year-end sales estimate from 5 million to 7.2 million. This means that the Switch could have sold two thirds of the lifetime Wii U sales in just 10 months.

Nintendo of America earlier this month confirmed 906,000 units were sold, while 925,000 copies of the Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had been sold. This has resulted in an attach rate of over 100%. Nintendo of America attributed this to consumers purchasing multiple copies.

Nintendo have scheduled a “full accounting of worldwide Nintendo Switch” sales during the company’s next earnings briefing, which is set for 27th April.

Source (via Gamespot)

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