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Interview: James Given Talks Total War: Arena

During EGX 2015, Mat sat down with James Given, the Community Co-Ordinator for Creative Assembly, to talk about their new free to play Total War game, titled Arena. AYMG: Total War games are known for being single player experiences, so where did the idea of a 10 v 10 Total War come from? James Given: I think that originally the idea started […]

Review: The Legend of Korra

Platinum Games; a company known worldwide for its prowess in action games, including the likes of the Bayonetta franchise. The Legend of Korra; a TV series in which a young girl controls (or bends) elements to defeat evil. It sounds like a match made in heaven then, another opportunity for Platinum to flex its muscles to a new […]

Preview: Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Metroid Prime, no, Metroid alone is a big name franchise with 29 years of reputation behind it. It’s understandable then, that Metroid Prime: Blast Ball (which is part of Federation Force) wasn’t exactly well received. We weren’t able to go hands on with Federation Force (for some reason) but we were allowed some time with Blast Ball, the mini-game that will be included […]

Preview: Star Fox Zero

The Star Fox series has been on ice for a few years, and not without good reason. It seems that the three games released in the franchise since 1997 haven’t been able to repeat the success or the feeling of Star Fox 64. Step forward Star Fox Zero, the game that will end the 9 year gap that started […]

Super Smash Bros 4: DLC Collection #2 Breakdown

Admit it: when Smash Bros 4 came out we all toyed with the idea of DLC characters but we never thought Nintendo would actually do it. That all changed when Mewtwo was revealed, and boy were people hyped! Not only did it confirm DLC characters were possible, it was obvious Nintendo wouldn’t stop there. This was later […]

Updated: Konami Promise to Clarify on Kojima Fallout

Update: Fucito was asked to remove his original tweet and has since replaced it with this one; thabtoUK hey, Konami kindly request to delete it, don’t know why exactly. Anyway the content was true  — Antonio Fucito ⎋ (@Tanzen) May 15, 2015 Antonio Fucito, from the Italian site, has revealed on Twitter during the Metal Gear Solid V preview event, […]

Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Scantily Dressed 13 Year Old

Straight off the bat, this is NSFW, as you might have guessed from the article title. Some lucky people in Japan have received their copies of the new Xenoblade game, which is due to release on April 29th. Many have decided to stream the game on Twitch and hitbox which has shown off new content, which unfortunately […]

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Trailer Analysis

As Satoru Shibata rightly said in the European Nintendo Direct that aired this week, it’s been 2 years since the announcement of the highly anticipated Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover. We were teased with a very short snippet that just showed off character portraits from both franchises and little else. The only indicator that the title was […]

Review: The Order: 1886

Does the next big Playstation exclusive live up to hype? Review by Ted Wielinski For years the video game industry has been fascinated with the idea of becoming more “cinematic.” Sometimes, however, it feels like the developers have no idea what that means. There are perfect examples of how one can accomplish this goal. Take […]

Who Has the Most Remakes and Remasters This Generation?

Remakes and remasters have been up for a lot of debate recently, with many people of social networks lashing out at the sheer amount of last-gen games plaguing this-gen’s consoles. To find out just how many remakes there are, we did a bit of research and found that between all three of the consoles, there’s […]