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Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Scantily Dressed 13 Year Old

Straight off the bat, this is NSFW, as you might have guessed from the article title.

Some lucky people in Japan have received their copies of the new Xenoblade game, which is due to release on April 29th. Many have decided to stream the game on Twitch and hitbox which has shown off new content, which unfortunately includes what you see below;

XCX Girl

Normally, this wouldn’t be the sort of thing that gets press coverage (though we should be pro-active for equal rights) however Monolith Soft might have crossed the line with this, considering the girl wearing the outfit in that screenshot is only 13.

It’s worth mentioning that in Japan, there’s a more relaxed approach to this sort of thing, as the age of consent is 13, and it’s likely that Nintendo will pick up on it and remove it for Western releases, where this sort of thing is rightly prohibited. The real question is, why is this unnecessary costume even there in the first place?

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