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Who Has the Most Remakes and Remasters This Generation?

Remakes and remasters have been up for a lot of debate recently, with many people of social networks lashing out at the sheer amount of last-gen games plaguing this-gen’s consoles. To find out just how many remakes there are, we did a bit of research and found that between all three of the consoles, there’s actually only 28 games (that we found after a few hours of searching) that are remakes. Most are fairly high profile, with GTA V and The Last of Us drawing a lot of attention, but which console is the biggest offender?

Unsurprisingly, the PS4 wears the crown of guilt for most remasters exclusively, having a total of 7, and remasters coming out on both Xbox One and PS4 comes to 12 as well. The Wii U stands out as having the fewest remasters collectively as exclusives or multiplatform titles, although the Xbox One has the fewest exclusive remasters.

What does this mean for original content on the current-gen systems? Well, it’s safe to say that due to Nintendo’s not so great 3rd party support, Nintendo produces more original content than it’s two competitors and Microsoft is also trying to steer away from having huge lists of exclusive remastered content. However, Microsoft seems keen to cash in where it can, trying to grab as many multiplatform remasters as it can. Sony seems pretty confident in churning out remasters, with Square-Enix being a keen provider. Sony does have the added benefit of better indie support as well, and sold the most consoles this generation so far.

Do you like remasters? We didn’t mind DmC Remastered all that much, but what do you think? Would you like more or less remasters?

If we missed any out or have any thoughts, let us know in the comments!

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